Thank you note

Hye everyone,how i can add a thank you note after user completed fill out form and submit.

Thank you note within the app? an email? a PDF via email? a text? all the above?

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Within the app is perfect or user receive a notification in email said form are succesfully submitted.

As far as I’m aware, there isn’t any way to display a thank you or confirmation message within the app. You could use Zapier to trigger an email from the note added to the Google Sheet.

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That what i’m thinking currently. It seem extra work need to be done.

Thanks for your solution.

Yep…do a zapier or integromat email when a new row is added to the sheet.

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This works if the user only has to fill out the form once…is this the case @ikhvnmovin?


A little bit tricky to do as you suggest. I’ll try and put some effort to do that. Thanks!

The best if i can make it every time when
user fill the form.

Then yes, a text message or email thank you note would be the simplest solution.