Testing Ads on Glide

Hey :wave:t3:

Doing some tests with ads :fire:


Click on image: Open a link
Fav Button: Close

Untitled_ Apr 24, 2020 9_51 PM

Request: button X for images.

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Nice…does the image link out to the referral page for monetization purposes? I was trying my hardest to get adsense to work, but no dice.


@Robert_Petitto Not yet… I was just testing the functionality. One way to monetize is to charge anyone who wants to leave the ad in your app too.

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Why is your gif like SUPER small? Can’t see anything :frowning:

Ya…I noticed this forum will do that to any GIF over a certain file size.

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Yeah… Tryna figure out too lol

@eltintero @Robert_Petitto gif updated! :star_struck:

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