Testers Needed: Excel Data Source

We need people to test our new Excel data source.


  1. You must use Microsoft 365 for Work or School. A personal Microsoft account will not work with Glide (this is a limitation on Microsoft’s side, and we are working with them on it).
  2. Your Microsoft 365 administrator must approve the Glide integration to access your Excel files in OneDrive. Please figure out who this person is, and get their commitment to test this before you tell us that you are able to test it.
  3. If you meet these requirements, please let us know and we will onboard you.

Hola David,
What about the Enterprise version?

Can I use it?


wow, that would put Glide on top of all other platforms! and eliminate the math column

I’m not sure what you mean.

Apps built with Excel are just like apps built with Google Sheets – the Math column is still useful if you don’t want to wait 3 minutes to add numbers.


oh, i was under impression that you are testing the Excel formulas column… ;-(
now i see… is to get Excel as a source

I mean this:

I bet the will work.

Well, let’s do it!!

What do you need from me to start? :sunglasses:

Feliz día

I use Office365 in my business and am the Admin…so…

Hi @david, can you onboard me. I use also Office365 as Admin.

Thank you.

@david do you have any news about the onboarding ?

An engineer should reach out to you tomorrow – today is a holiday here.