Feedback wanted: Glide for Excel

Microsoft Excel is our most requested data source.

We’ve create a 2-minute survey to learn about how you’d use this data source: Glide for Excel Survey

Please take the short survey if you’re interested in using Excel with Glide!


At work, we use Excel both via Desktop, browser, through Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams.

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As in Office365 Excel?


i see… not too many Excel fans here… lol

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Really appreciate this post, which suggests Glide is going to tackle the gap.

I work for a very large US company and they have opted for Microsoft as the default system complete with MS office, MS outlook, One Drive, MS teams, etc. etc… We can use MS Edge or Google Chrome as the browser, but access to all Google sites are blocked, e.g. Gmail and Google Sheets. This blocks me from creating a Google sheet to use in a new Glide App. I am forced to do this using my personal iPad! Once the Glide app is created I can revert back and visit Glide to work on the app. However, a huge frustration is that I cannot open the Google sheet and edit or synch data.

The fact that Google Sheets is not an approved software also presents a major barrier to adoption for my apps.

In your survey I was interested in the question about the need for synching data. I assume this is like synching a Google Sheet used by a Glide App: the app is directly connected to the sheet and responds whenever the data changes. This would be great. But I would bite your hand off if you offered a more manual, interim solution, e.g. one that required us to store the Excel file in a Glide site. So long as I could access that file and edit/cut/paste into the Excel file then that would also be useful.

Net, thank you for any work to enable Glide to work with an MS Excel spreadsheet instead of a Google sheet.

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Gosh that’s hard to imagine, my life would be painful :sweat_smile: Is Google Search also blocked?

If you are forced to use Bing, you might as well use Ecosia if it’s accessible: Ecosia search uses the Bing engine and you plant trees from the comfort of your office. :deciduous_tree:


No, Google search is fine :slight_smile: Only Google software…

Great initiative.
Fyi, You have missing word on the first question

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any plans for Firebase?

My company is migrating all existing Google Sheets to Excel (SharePoint) and a solution that allows a secured Excel spreadsheet to be the data source would be incredible.

We would create a fair few internal tools using Glide if it were ever possible!


more the merrier but I’m kind of set and adapted to g sheet these days, so :man_shrugging:

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My company also bans Google Sign-in, so Google Sheets is off limits for us as an enterprise.

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I worked in tech, but not software tech, multi-national companies from 1996-2014, always Microsoft based. I can’t really see much changing as their enterprise offering is just so far ahead of Google’s. I can’t remember what Microsoft’s business chat app was called in the early 2010’s, but I remember when Slack came along and I thought it wasn’t even that good - still isn’t. The software tech industry has a huge blind-spot for basically everything else sometimes, they’re just in their own bubble and inflating it themselves. I can enjoy while also being able to see through it.


Microsoft products are used across many small, medium businesses, but mostly at enterprise level. Having Glide work with Excel is good, it will open a lot of enterprise opportunities, but I think it should only be restricted to Excel on the cloud as sync with an offline version would cause numerous issues, software version being one of it.

Currently, all my clients (small and medium-sized businesses) are happy to migrate to Excel because I can automate their work further through add-ons and additional integrations.

With Excel, I’m not sure if we can do 3rd party add ons.


Hello everyone, I have at the moment two use cases with excel. In both cases I have no urgency for data synchronization, they are applications to take orders for food wholesale companies.
One I have my glide application connected to a management system developed in COBOL.
I found a way to connect google sheets to excel (free) with updates every 5 minutes, and then a plugin that lets me import up to 50,000 rows from excel to google sheets. (free too), option B there is another complement that costs 7 dollars a month and allows synchronization in both directions, excel-Google sheets.
Second case
I take a Mysql database and also connect it to excel and from there I repeat the import once a day to Google sheets,
Then I am working with a developer to make me an excel-mysql connector. To enter the information directly to the client’s management system.


Fasten your seatbelts, sources tell me there is a game changer just weeks away… we always knew Glide excelled in everything!