Terms and Conditions

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  1. If in Europe use Crazy Egg to create your T&C.
  2. If in US use Termly to create your T&C.

You can then use their URL for your business name to do following.

If app is public nothing to worry about. On the home screen just add the link and require them to read, understand and tick off a box. You can collect the True value in your T&C sheet.

If app is email with public, in the Welcome description text filed add a note with url along the lines of “by continuing to access this app/site you agree to all privacy/cookie policies, which can be found at www.xxx.com”. Not that anyone would be able to click open the link. But at least you can show you asked user to read T&C before signing in by going to the link. If glide could add another text field that allowed a T&C only open link on the sign in screen it would solve all T&C / privacy issues. Don’t know why they have been shying away from what is a very simple fix.

I know with Email with public and the way it’s set up, it’s a bit of a putting the cart before the horse situation. Law is clear, user must consent before submitting email, not after submitting it. Defeats the whole purpose of privacy laws.

You could also set up a simple google business page for free. Add all your privacy/cookies policies and T&Cs. Again, you would need to add the URL in the description field as text.

I know this is not what you wanted to read, but thought would post it. Maybe in certain countries it’s not a huge issue, but in Europe, they can make your life hell.