Templates temporarily unavailable for purchase

Hello Glide community,

I have been planning on purchasing a community made template as a reference for an ongoing project of mine. The template is labeled with “Temporarily unavailable for purchase” (Screenshot attached). However I can still proceed to the payment page.

I was wondering on whether anyone has recently purchased a “not available” template and has encountered any problems with opening/editing the project.

Many thanks :slight_smile:
Screen Shot 2023-06-05 at 6.18.10 PM

Which template were you trying to purchase?


the template is: Glide • Match Users Template – The best match making app template, fully responsive and easy to use, by the LowCode Agency team.


None of the paid templates are available. I haven’t had any template sales in weeks :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the replies. I am however still uncertain on whether I will be able to access / edit the template after I have purchased it. Thanks

I think you need to wait until the Templates are re-developed for the new Apps.

Not all the Templates will be re-developed.

Based on things I have seen in the community, you may be able to contact the Template developer directly, and they can add you to a Team to access the Template, at which point you would move the Template to your own Team.

But that is up to each individual developer.

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Can we submit a template to the store now? or is the template store paused? or shut down?