Template column question - how do i

Set up a template column for multiple lines?
City, ST ZIp

I can set up the template column, I just cant get GE to leave the spaces and new lines in place. It only shows the first line of my template column. It will show Name but nothing else

I have tried putting 2 spaces after the column names and then pressing the enter key.
What am i missing or doing wrong?

Is it just like that in the data editor? Does it show all the data when you view the column in a component? I don’t see a problem with what you are doing and I would have recommended the ‘2 spaces and enter’ method. The row in the data editor won’t get wider to show everything, but it doesn’t mean that the data isn’t there. Do you have a screenshot?

Your first and third screenshots look fine. It looks like you have everything set up correctly. However, carriage returns aren’t recognized in a list like you are showing in your second screenshot. It will only respect the carriage returns in components like text or rich text. A list will attempt to remove the carriage returns and show as much text as it can in the limited space that it has. Your best best is to try to utilize all of the Data and Overlays settings for the list to try to get everything to display how you want.

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Otherwise you could play around with some CSS manipulation to see if you can get the text to wrap.

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To get the carriage returns to show up you have to use CSS placed in a rich text component on a details screen that has an in-line list of the information with you to display. You’ll need to replace the “your components CSS class” below with the class name of the inline list description field that contains the address.

(Your component’s CSS class){
white-space: break-spaces;

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Interesting. I found a way around this using the Concatenate function in GS. for each line, I used a bullet point in the string, then for every line break or carriage return, I added a Char(10) function inline, naturally put into a Rich Text Component.