Text wrap

In my Googe sheet I have a wrapped text in three lines in one cell. In Glide, the wrap does not appear although I checked in the text style the wrap.

What kind of line break are you using, and which component are you trying to display the text in?

Its a simple text field wrapped by the alt button formatted as wrap in the sheet - and what I want to achieve is the wrap of the text in the list or tiles view preferably in the overlay.

OK, I could be wrong here, but I don’t think you can wrap text in a list using the carriage return. I believe it trims off or ignores those carriage returns to create a single line of text. I believe the “text wrapping” option that’s available for lists is just to take a long string of text and wrap it as needed to fit on the screen rather than truncate it with ellipses. I believe the only way your carriage returns will be respected in glide is through a rich text component. Even then, I think it’s sometimes picky with sheet data and may or may not require 2 spaces before the carriage return for each line break.

Sorry, but I don’t think it’s possible to get what you want. Especially on the overlays, as I don’t think there is any sort of text wrapping there. Unless somebody has some CSS magic that they are aware of…

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