🎯 Target specific items with an array column

Using the combination of a single value column and a number column, we can target specific items within an array column in Glide.


Perfectly explained @Robert_Petitto ! (When you speak slowly I understand you very well even though my level of understanding of spoken English is very low :slightly_smiling_face:).

So, if I can add my two cents contribution, I would like to say that using this technique it is also possible to obtain an automatic slideshow, but only if the data refresh setting is set to “While editing or using the app” (Pro plan).
In this case a refresh can be obtained every 10 seconds, therefore it becomes very easy to calculate the array index which can self-increment thanks to a trivial Math column [for example: MOD (SECOND (now), CountImages)].
I use this technique for a slideshow in an interactive kiosk where I even get the fadein / fadeout effect by calibrating the CSS duration of the animation to the refresh rate of the data editor.


Superb. Thanks so much for the great tutorial. It’s a really handy trick that opens the door to some nice user experience…


Very clever!


This is awesome, thanks!

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Ha! My pleasure.