Take Glide to Work + new Actions editor improvements

Hello Gliders!

It’s Take Glide to Work month

We’re running a giveaway all month long. Prizes include a new MacBook Pro M3, Glide account credit, and Glide merch packs. Get all the details in our announcement.

New features, fixes, and updates :star2:

  • Improve Action Row alignment with other components
  • Made it easier to scroll horizontal collections with a mouse
  • We fixed a minor bug with image components, where aspect ratio options were hidden if the column source is multiple images
  • Fixed handling of zipcodes on table data imports
  • Improved tooltips for our SQL integrations
  • Improved error messages for SQL data sources
  • Fixed reverse sorting in the Query column for SQL and Big Tables
  • You can now can now copy the data associated with past runs of an action
  • Added ability to search for custom actions in the Actions editor
  • Additional performance improvements to the Actions editor
  • The Slack integration can now post threaded replies to messages, and specify raw Slack ‘block’ messages for advanced formatting
  • Attached overages to billing cycle invoices

New resources from Glide and friends :handshake:

From the community :raised_hands:

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FYI: I’m out next week, so we’ll be back on May 22nd with the next update.

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