Tabs/segmented control

It would be great if we could have some kind of top tabs or segmented control where we could have multiple pages/views in one bottom nav tab.

Allowing to do stuff like this


Yes! I really want this too.

Me too!

This is possible with a choice component and conditional visibility. Look at the image in this post to see what I mean.

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@Jeff_Hager Yeah – I’ve been using that – but it would be great to have some style options and not needing to click “required” to not display the blank ( - ) if you are using it as a filter or to size amounts having it required doesn’t make sense

How do you envision it to look like, may I ask?

I thought you could have a default value now. Just making the default value your first tab should work.

For me the limitation is the amount of tabs. On the android style tabs, they’re scrollable. Our segmented control is more like Apple’s

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I don’t think you can set default outside of an add or form screen. In that case I usually set the content of the first segment choice to also display when no choice has been made. In my example, Bio is the first choice, but if no initial choice has been made yet by the user, I still show the same content that Bio would. Once a user selects something, it’s saved in a user specific column and will be selected the next time they come back to that view in the app.

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@ThinhDinh For example

It would be great to have some options around how this looks – size and color – similar to what options we have for the button

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