Sync within glide

Dears, have been using glide for 2 years now and all perfect however all of sudden a strange issue happened

If a make a change from the main console - app admin access - builder - the change is reflected within the glide tables however not synced into google sheets. This has been going on for 2 days now.

If I make the same change directly in the table, it is syncd normally with google sheets

Whats interesting is that all users when they use the app, it reflects in the table and synced in google sheets

Seems I am th eonly one with the issue

So you mean that when you make a change from the builder then the change is reflected only in the Glide data view (let’s not call that Glide Tables because it clashes with the actual data source’s name), and not in Google Sheets?

Just to further explain through an example. Assume the glide app has a sign up page where you enter your name and age.

If I go to the builder and go to the tab and enter the name and age, it is reflected in the glide data view but not in google sheets. However, if I do the same through the app link (not from the builder), it works perfectly …

In other words, just before 2 days, the I could use the builder as a source of data input using it as a user but now that is not not the case.

Dears for some reason now it is back to normal and working fine

Thanks for your intent to help