Sync a column

It is possible to bring a column from one table to another and synchronize it ? And if it is possible, how can I do that?

You can have a basic column Column1 in table Table1 and create a computed column Column2 in table Table2 that will be a sync copy of Column1.

You cannot have two different basic columns and have them synced with one another. So the sync can only go one way, from Column1 to Column2. You could probably achieve a 2-way sync with Make or Glide’s API, but I wouldn’t know how to do it.

To achieve the 1-way sync I mention above, in the destination table (Table2 in my example above):

  • Create a column to house row indexes (Row ID → Lookup of Row IDs → Find index)
  • Create a single value column with Table1 as the data source and “From start: Row Index” as the value

I tried but I think I’m doing something wrong or it doesn’t fit my situation, can you please show me?
I will explain here what I am trying to do more precisely: I have two tables, one is called Prices and one is called Construction sites, I want to bring the list of construction sites from the Construction sites to the Prices table to build my database in Prices where I have more data to enter.

  1. The Prices table represents prices of what?
  2. In the Prices table, each price item has a column called “Construction Site” that you use to categorize price items by construction site?

It would be helpful if you could share screenshots of your tables. If possible screenshots of your entire screen with the various tables, table names and column headers. You can always blur out sensitive information.

the price table is just a model from which I have to start.
Basically, I want to build a table like the one from 0, only that I want to use the data from my other tables in glide.
I want to bring the construction sites from the construction site table into the new table created by me(Prices new), then the clients and so on.

Is this a one time thing? Can’t you just add the the number of rows that you need and then copy and paste the data?

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I want the list to be automatically updated in the price table when I enter something in the Sites table

Got it. I think the only option would be to build some actions within the app when a new site is added to also creat a row in the price table. I’m not a fan of the On Submit feature in a form, but others have used it successfully. I think you could add a custom action on submit to Add Row to the Price table when the site form is submitted.

Personally I would recommend writing the site Row ID to the price table instead of the site name, because if you ever change a name, it could break relations and you would have to make the change in both tables. Row IDs don’t change though, so relations wouldn’t be broken.

Since a Row ID isn’t assigned until a row is added, that’s why I don’t like using On Submit because the site row will get added, but the row ID may not be assigned before the Price row is added…but I think a Wait action before the Add Row action may work. That’s why I recommend creating a custom action.