Swipe RTL for Go back

Is it possible to add an RTL swipe for going back, especially for details pages?

You should be able to do that already, but as LTR instead of RTL. Or do you mean that you want RTL swipe in addition to the LTR swipe?

No, any swipe is perfect…

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Ok, but how you do that? :confused:
Are we talking about the same thing?
I need to go back from Details page not with arrow back but with a swipe.

Yes, it works for me, at least on Android. I just tap and hold on the left side of the detail screen and drag from left to right. It swipes the details screen away and navigates back to the previous screen.


I am on Android too but it doesn’t work for me.

Works for me in both the browser and the installed app. Which browser are you using?

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Ok. I’m curious if other users have the same experience as me … Guys, are you able to swipe?

I just test it with my Android phone and it works!