Survivor Pool

I made this over the last couple of weeks based on a friend’s office pool they have for Survivor. I made this to help them upgrade from using paper to using an app.

Premise of the game:
Each week you vote for who will get eliminated from the game. The correct answer will score a point. At the end of the season, the person with the most points wins the pool prize.

The admin will need to manually update 1 column in the sheet for the eliminated player.

Some features:

  • Vote before the voting deadline - vote button should disappear past the deadline
  • You will only be able to see what others voted after you have submitted your vote
  • When admin updates the name in the Eliminated column in Episode sheet, it should update the votes sheet “Scored?” column for each vote, and also update the “Still in game” column in Castaways sheet
  • Once vote is submitted it cannot be changed
  • Voting form will only show list of still in game survivors
  • Shows voting history on your profile
  • Shows a leader-board on who is wining

I’d love some feedback on how to make it better!

Feel free to copy and play for the upcoming season!


Good job, nice little app.