Summary of posted comments on products page?

It is my understanding that glideapps cannot display the average user rating for product/item. I really need that feature for my app to be useful.

I was wondering that until that feature becomes available can I simply let people add their rating in user-specific notes section and then display these comments using rich text component?

Any help on this much appreciated.

You can follow the instructions here to have your own rating component.


I still don’t think you can aggregate user specific columns into one column visible to all. You would be better off using a form to submit ratings/reviews. Then display each rating/review as a list under each item.


Yeah that’s what I did for my latest app, applying Bob’s method then display all ratings & comments in an inline list.


Thank you @ThinhDinh and @Jeff_Hager.

@Jeff_Hager: I am not sure how will I go about aggregating the contents of form for each product to list visible on each product page. Is there a video link/help article you can share?
My concern is that if I use this method I will end up using more than 50k rows as my app will list 1000s of products and each product will have multiple components.

Thanks again for responding!!

Have a “Reviews” sheet which contains:

  • The unique ID for the product, which I assume you have already.

  • The rating value.

  • The comment (optional).

In your “Products” sheet, have a relation that match the unique ID of the product with the unique ID in the “Reviews” sheet, set it to match multiple entries. Show that relation under each of your “Products” screen.

In your form, besides the rating and comment which are visible, use a “Column” component to catch the unique Product ID.

About the rows concern, yes, it’s something you have to accept, no workaround for that as far as I aware.


Thanks @ThinhDinh. It worked :smile:

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