So I had this (obsolete, I know) formula that I was using to extract the $% distribution

so I can pull the amounts from here

Now that I’m re-writing all my calculations through glide I wonder if there’s a simpler way to get this and how I can relate them to the user that is registered as well.

I tried a “math” column by each “department” where a single person is being earning but it quickly turned in a couple of dozen of colums just for 4-5 people.

I apologize if there’s anything unclear as I’m basically turning a new method through glide. I don’t know if these calculations must be done in the sheets but I don’t see it right since I already have cleared the “fees” and “net” worth of the project within glide, so there’s no writing of this in the sheets.

I appreciate any support on this. I freaking love glide and can’t wait to deploy all my previous system on this.


Can you go through the logic behind the formula for us? Thank you.

To replace a SUMIF in Glide, you’ll probably need some combination of template, self-relation and rollup columns. The template and self-relation columns would apply the filtering you need, and then the rollup on that would get you the sum of the filtered records. Difficult to provide any more specific advice without some actual sample data to work with, and a definition of the filtering rules.

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