Sum Number to another Number from a Look Up Not Working!

Hi Everyone!

I’m doing a Look Up from another table and adding to an existing number, but the results is rare.


Any clue??

What Went Wrong ??

What are the formulas in those columns?
How do the numbers differ from what you would expect?
Do you expect the values in the Total column to be the same as the values in the Difference column?
You probably need to apply a math round or trunc function to one or more of your formulas.

Hi Darren!

Thnx for your fast answer!

Total (Math) Price x Qty both num format columns.
Paid (Look Up) is an amount from other table, num format column.
Difference (Math) is determined by subtracting Paid from Total . Total - Paid.

As you can see in last row , looks like Difference is Total - 1

Am I right?


2 Columns, same name, different amounts.

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