Succipe 🐷 The recipe for financial success! [UPDATED]

Yep, what a well designed app! The onboarding experience was slick! :sunglasses:

How did you make that image of the five pink dots changing above each onboarding page?

Or the language selection button change colours when pressed? :100:

Awesome work @Lucas_Pires! :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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I also have Same question… Also, I want to understand, for on boarding experience, did you use different tabs with visibility or something else? I really want to learn this. Can you share how to do this?

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Thank you, Bob!!

Lol, I was searching for symbol to do it when I thought “oh, we have that monkeys!” here they are :sweat_smile: :speak_no_evil:

Simple details we can do if increment action

Thank you @Pratik_Shah!! I always spend a couple of minutes scanning a bunch of UX/UI design about the app I wanna do. Most of time I create a concept and do the minimal, according to what Glide offers to us speaking of design, as you can see in this app :relaxed:

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A button with simple design. I just count and did manually the dots according to what represent each screen
I like to use this website to get some cool symbols

Well, as I use an inline list and the actions just to change the increment for each language, I just use some if then else columns to pick which language is chosen and the other be greyed


@Pratik_Shah take a look in this topic a posted here in a while ago. It can help you!

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Is each of the component labels/titles/etc an if/then/else column dependent on language choice?

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@Lucas_Pires The ‘look at you’ easter egg made my day

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Thanks for the reply!

Again - truly an awesome UX display! Well done!

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Unfortunately yes

YAY! Someone got it! :sweat_smile::raised_hands:t3:

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That’s what I thought :slight_smile: I have a client who is looking to do the same—I imagine one of two routes…creating the text within the ifThen, or the added steps of creating two text columns with the titles, etc. and the ifThenElse just picks one of those columns based on the language.

Which did you do?

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This is my favorite screen:


Click on your profile picture, the message is perfect for yours

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I did :wink:


Actually I used both.

I used only one google sheet called DB where there’s a bunch of informations, like the menus etc… so for those I used a GOOGLETRANSLATE formula to get it faster, and created if then else columns to call them.(a few)

But what I used most was creating in every screen with texts directly on If then else columns

Like this one:

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@Lucas_Pires very, very nice and slick app, you have created Lucas.
It is an app to be inspired by.
The onboarding flow I like especially.

Some kind of progress of the different ingredients would be a good addition

The persons page is also really good

Wondering whether you will make it a template for the template store ?

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Thank you so much @Krivo, appreciate!!

Yes, thinking about it

Actually, I was also wondering about it, and started making this app thinking to make it as a template. That’s why I’m not using any kind of code or something…

But, comment bellow if you guys want it to be on Template Store too :point_down: :yum:


yes would love to see this as a template !!!

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So apparently it’s just me but I think I found a bug. Yesterday I clicked on something that took me back into the onboarding flow. Now I am stuck there. I can page back and forth through the onboarding, but the final ‘Let’s Go’ doesn’t let me out. I’m guessing it’s an increment value that’s too big for an IF condition???

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