Subscription and per clicks payment system


I’m Martin i built an app for the business aviation industry.
It’s a listing app/marketplace with in fine around 12 000 users.

I now need a payment system but i don’t want to do it myself (like before with Payhere, Make etc) - i would like to hire somebody expert in this to be sure it’s robust.

If anybody is interested let me know :slight_smile: , feel free to PM me !

Have a nice day,


I can make you a nice Google Script for Stripe or Paypal… and sync it with Glide without any third-party involvement like Make or Zapier or PayHere… super fast integration with google sheets or Glide tables… no need for webhooks

Just curious, what solution do you prefer if you don’t want to deal with Make or PayHere? Can you explain more about the subscription model you’re after?