Sub forms

Hello - I am trying to create a screen that has an Order form (linked to a customer) that has a sub- form for the order details. So an Order with 1 or more Order Details related to each other

This system is done by a driver so the customer does not login to the system.

Basic steps needed:

  • create new order
  • choose customer
  • on the same screen add 1 or more items (Products) that are collected at the site.

I have Customers, Products, Orders and Order Details

I can’t find a way to introduce the Order Details on the same page as a new order and make sure the new order number is linked to the details sheet.

I’ve looked at the action of launching a new form when the order form is submitted but couldn’t find a way of retaining the new order number so it can be linked to the new items.

Any assistance or direction to a learning resource would be appreciated.
Thank you