Stuck :( on if/else; because of lack of AND

Three days of looking for some workaround.And the only I found is to build separate tables… But this is A LOT of work in my case… Maybe I miss something…

I have one table with different series of tools. I want to hide from displaying in collection some series based on column value. But only particular ones…

Here is a screenshot what I want to achieve (more less):

I play with glide two months. I love it, I can build almost every my idea, and…
… lack of AND in IF/THEN is the only one but SUPERHUGE drawback. To be honest this is the only reason that I look around still in no-code world.

For any help HUGE THANKS in advance :slight_smile:
regards, warm as usual!

Try this:

  • If tag is not big, then true
  • If value is greater than x, then true
  • Else false

Huh it was fast! :muscle:
Give me couple of minutes, I’m going to test :slight_smile:

THANK YOU! I don’t know, I’m pretty sure that I tried this… I draw a lot ot diagrams, I tested 100 variants… And it was so EASY! Thanks…

BUT question: in IF/ELSE window is an order of conditions important of ot doesn’t matter? I didn’t think about it… Maybe this is it??!

In other words: every next condition is ELSE for previous condition???

The if-then-else column will test each condition, starting from the top, and return the first one that passes.
If none pass, then it will return the else, if one is given. Otherwise it will return null.

So yes, the order of the conditions is significant.

When you need to mix and/or, the best approach is to test for all the failing conditions first.

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This is the missed key - conditions order! Still and/or would be easier :slight_smile: but I can imagine that proper order can change a lot.

Darren, huuuuuuuuge thank you!

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