IF THEN ELSE multiple condition

I have a complex IF THEN ELSE that can easily be done in sheets by I am trying to move to GLIDE data engine:

IF AND(A<B,C<D) THEN Option1
ELSE Option3

I believe the ELSE IF is taken care of by adding a second case, but is there a way to do the AND statement? I imagine I could set up a second calculate to determine if the AND is TRUE, but is there a cleaner way?

Would the AND condition ever happen at the same time that E=F? Could they both be true? If not, I would structure it this way:

If E=F Then Option2
ElseIf A>B Then Option3
Elseif C>D Then Option3
Else Option1

Yes they could occur at the same time. I am relying on the statement order to then set priority.

In that case, you may have to break it up into two If/Then columns. First to check ABCD, as I’m showing above, and return true or false. Then a second If/Then column to check if the first If/Then is true, then Option1…ElseIF Option2…Else Option3.