Structure Of Table

I am new to glide. Planning to get Starter plan. In Glide what I understand Data row used is Important. I have some Quarry , I want to make an app as per my attached structure. I made that in Appsheet app (Not deployed), where Data row was not that much important.
In this app Employee can enter Multiple time on a part of table(Slice) rest part may not required.

Please guide

So you want 4 types of expenses to be tracked, and each of them has 4 different characteristics to be stored in 4 different columns?

Thanks for your response.
Th example I have shown 4type actually it is 9 type of expenses to be tracked.
There are 2 approving authority ,Admin A & Admin B. They are authorize to approve particular type of expense.
If anybody enter one type of expense then it will kill one row leaving other type of expense blank on that row. Practically , in my business there will be 5/6 entry per day per employee on “Local Traveling” but there may not be any entry on “Local purchase”. in that case it will take 5/6 rows and if they enter on other type it will take that row also.
Is there any way to reduce row consumption ?
Alternatively , If I make 9 table of different type will Glide treat as 9 app for the same.
Please Guide, It will help me a lot towards the transition to Glide.
Any other thought will be appreciated greatly.