Stripe - Get Out of Test Mode

Hello. I am ready to take my Stripe integration out of test mode. I cannot find where to enter the live API keys from Stripe. I have my custom domain live and working, just need to take Stripe out of test mode. Can anyone point me to this? Thank you so much for your help!


I didn’t need to put any live key in, it works as soon as you publish the app, I’ve got a production app and I’m generating income from Stripe and worked out the box

Ok, thanks for that. I guess then I need to confirm that my app is actually published. Looked for info on this before asking the community as well and it’s hard to find specifics. All I’ve seen is to use the Share button, which I used to create my custom domain. Anything more? Or am I technically published now?

Here are the complete instructions for publishing your app:

Once you follow these steps, your app is published.


Thank you, David. I had already accomplished that and was thinking I need to do something to get Stripe out of Test Mode. I tested a payment with a real card and it went through. You were right!