Stop form making new rows

Newbie here. I’m trying to make a postage calculator: user enters weight and dimensions, is told the postage charge. But the Form component always starts a new row of data, so each time the calculator is use it will put a new row into the data sheet. That way the data sheet will soon fill up with old data that has no further use.

Is there a way to make the Form component always write to the same row? I’m sure there must be but I can’t find it.

The purpose of the Add Form is to create a new row, there is no getting away from that.

To do what you want you should just use a details layout, then have your input components writing to user specific columns. Doing it this way will have the following benefits:

  • You’ll just use a single row, over and over again
  • You’ll be able to show the results in real time, without having to wait for the form to be submitted
  • You can have two or more users interacting at the same time, without them tripping over each other

See also How do I create a custom form?


Works a treat. Thanks Darren.