2 lines write in form

Hi All.
I am making a food reserve system.
After filling in the answers to some question forms, the current date is now entered at the end. (Hidden column)
For some reason the spreadsheet is written in two lines with the same details.
I skipped the current date and tried it. Then one line of details is written.
Is this an error? I am wondering and want to solve the problem.

Hi @fin and welcome,

maybe this helps: Form input is writing two entries - Help & How To - Glide Community (glideapps.com)


Hi Gregory.
Thanks for your reply and recommend answer.
I will try it.

It looks like you have an add row action on submit. Take away the add row action on submit and it should work.

A form by default will always add a new row. That’s it’s purpose, to add a new row. So when you add an extra on submit action you will get two rows.

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