Split Text Lookup


Can I not open a link or add a tag overlay from the lookup on a split text component? It’s not showing up as an option. This is for an image carousel component. Or I guess the real question is can an image carousel have individual links or overlays?


You’d have to hard code it using a conditional custom action. Nothing dynamic that I know of :confused:

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I doubt the image carousel offers you that option. It would have to be an inline list to have different actions tied to each item I guess.

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Thanks! Yes was thinking inline list with tile detail, but it has a totally different look.

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What do mean by this?

It would need to be a custom action with a condition tied to each image (if image 1 open link 1…if image 2 open link 2…)

Its a lookup on a split column, so don’t think Glide can tell which image is being shown.