SOS Help: Setting profiles & Autoincrement new entries

We are running a covid19 relief app for India *(the situation is grim here with rising 400K cases everyday)*and it now needs an update. This app is not funded and is being maintained as a volunteer effort.

Is there anyone who would be able to give me an hour to help me resolve the following things on a zoom call?

  1. Profile setups - had set this up but now is showing problems. New entries are being added to the old ones

  2. Assign auto increment case number for new SOS patient entries

  3. Help debug the app

All this should not take more than an hour. Please reach out asap. Your help could really help us save lives on the ground.

Thank you!

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I can try to help. Send me a private message.


We will help if we can.

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Happy to help! Just reach out.