Sort Table to find Latest nbr based on a date

I have a table (Eg.: Table A) with which basically consists of NAME / DATE / WEIGHT / …

other table (Eg.: Table B) does a relation where it basicalle matches the NAME (based on ID, not important here as this is working fine)

Based on that relation I also introduced a Lookup Column who get the WEIGHTS for that NAME. There can be Multiple results. Then I have a Single Value Column which only shows the last value of the WIEGHTS .

There is my issue.It returns idd the latest value, but I wanted this to be based on the Sorted dates in Table A. (These are in a random order. and I want to have the most current weight )
How can I introduce that sort on the Lookup Weights Lookup Column ?

Use a Query column instead of a relation and set the sorting accordingly. Then use a Single Value column to get the last record in the query. You don’t need the Lookup column.

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