Sort inline list by closest date

I have an inline list for every day of the year broken up by month.
But I would like to sort the list to the closest date shows at the top.

IE today is 4/15/21.
I would like to see my list sort as follows:



This way old dates can still be on the list but wrapped at the bottom.

Is there a way to do this? Because I can’t seem to find anything.

You can do that with some math, but do you have some sample data to better understand? Are these rolling dates, so once the date passes, it should really roll to the same date next year…or will 4/1/21 always be 4/1/21 and you would roll it yourself to 2022?

I have it set up by months.
So no they wouldn’t be rolling dates. I will manually update for 2022.

I hope the screenshot makes sense. I would like dates that have passed to drop to the bottom and the current date always be the top post (1st).

I upload fresh content for every day of the month. So its broken out to 12 different tabs in the spreadsheet.

I hope that explains it a little better?

I guess for simplicity, what I would do is first create a math column that adds 32 or 45 days to the date for that row. We just want to get a date in the future that won’t overlap with any of the other days in the month. Then you can create an If Then column that checks if the normal date column is before today. If it is, then return the math column date, else return the normal date column. Finally you will sort your list by that If Then column, but still display the normal date in your list.

An alternative would be to just use two inline lists.

  • The first list would be filtered by those rows that are on or after today
  • The second list would be filtered by those items that are before today

That does make way more sense.
But I don’t see a way to sort by on or after or before?

You just sort them by date.

OMG that was so easy.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

And thank you too @Jeff_Hager

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