Sort Array plugin

Hello Everyone,
Sort Array Plugin is not working properly, Can anyone help me with this.Please refer the screen shot

How are you creating the array?

I know that the Sort Array behaves differently depending on how the array is created.

If it’s a result of a join + split, then the resultant sort is lexical.
If it’s a direct lookup on a number column, then the sort is numerical.

It’s a lookup

A lookup on what?

Can you show me the configuration of that column please?

credits column is lookup from other table, on credits column I am using unique elements plugin to get unique elements and sorting these unique elements

Please show me the configuration of the Credits Array column, as well as the data in the table that it references.

My hunch is that somewhere in the chain you have data that is non-numeric.

from this column I have fetched the total points

So the Credits Array column shown in your very first screen shot is a lookup on the Total Credits column shown in your last screen shot, yes?

Please confirm the above. If that’s correct, then I can’t explain the behaviour.

Credits array is lookup of credits column of the same table(data helper) credits column is the lookup total Points column in champion table, that total points column in turn lookup of Total credits column of UserLogin Table

these screenshots are sequentially arranged

Your Relation_UserLogin and Relation_Champion relations: in both of these relations are both the source and destination columns numerical values?

You’re navigating through relations and lookups, and somewhere along the way you seem to be bringing in a lexical value. Is it possible that one of your columns is a basic text when you meant to set it as a basic number?

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If you have confirmed to the best of your knowledge that those numeric values have remained numeric as they have passed from column to column, then one of the plugins may still be converting them to text. I would try moving your sort higher up the chain. Maybe Sort BEFORE you get Unique values.


Yes…I’m pretty sure the unique values converts values to text.


That’s it, Bob.
I just did a quick test and you’re absolutely right :+1:


I had that same issue when I was building my ranking logic.

That’s correct!

the workaround for @madhu is to change the order of procedure, I mean:

  1. Create your array
  2. Sort the array
  3. Use Unique Element plugin with sorted array



Thank You all for your time and support, it worked.

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