"Something went wrong when authorizing Glide"

Hello - I am trying to connect Glide to Slack but I keep getting this error message. Is there something else that I’m supposed to be doing?


Is this still happening on your end?

Hi @ThinhDinh - yes still happening when I try to connect to Slack through the integrations tab in Glide.


In the slack app store, I found the Glide app and tried to add it to slack. This reached this authentification page:

However, when I click “Allow”, it just brings me to a blank constantly loading page :


I let the team know about this. Will update you on how it goes.

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Hi! Thanks for letting us know. A fix for this was deployed at about 10AM PDT today. Looks like your post was prior to that. Please give it another try and let us know if you continue to see this issue.


Thanks for chiming in, Tim!

Thank you so much for your replies @ThinhDinh and @Tim_Wells, it is working perfectly now! Love this integration, it will be so useful for us!

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Please share your use cases if possible, we’d love to hear about it!

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