Some project settings options missing

Hi Glide community,
After trying different browsers, incognito browsers, different devices and a few others things, I am not able to see some of the settings options in the project settings. E.g. I have no options to customize the ‘Sign In’ screen. Of even see the ‘Sign up’ screen options at all.
My plan is business so I don’t know if I need an enterprise plan but assumed I don’t. I’m using Glide APPs.
I started building with Glide a few weeks ago and I think the timing was not ideal as things have been constantly changing as I have progressed. There’s also many changes to the documentation in Glide since I studied it a few weeks ago.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Those are the only things you can customize. The new Glide Apps has never allowed you to do more than that. There were a few more options in Classic Apps.

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Thanks for the reply. That does make sense however the documents relating to the sign in screen were updated 2 days ago and they show additional options. As mentioned, I’m coming into Glide at a time where there are changes taking place. I never had the opportunity to use Pages.
There is no reference to what is in Glide APPs and what is in Glide pages. Why not have a brief information box stating 'there are Glide pages options. these are ‘Glide Apps options’?

How do I setup the Sign Up screen? There is no action option for Sign Up, only Sign in. How does one get a new user to sign up if the APP is public? As much as I enjoy building with Glide, you can’t kick goals when the goal posts change positions every time you get the ball in clear space.

It’s a little frustrating to be honest.

Not much point complaining if you don’t offer up a solution.

A possible solution would be to have an option in settings called ‘Documents’.

Build a set of documents relating to Glide pages, and another relating to Glide Apps.

Then Glide developers can set a visibility condition of e.g.

Show item (Documents link) when ‘Subscriber project column’ is ‘Glide Apps’. Or ‘Glide Pages’.

Additionally, you could also include some more specific documents that relate to the plan that subscriber is using.

E.g. Show item (Specific documents) when ‘Subscriber plan’ is ‘Pro’ or ‘Business’.

Just a thought.

Glide always listen to and appreciate feedback from their users. I’ll make sure the education team are aware of your comments.

One thing I will say is that Glide is evolving at a very rapid pace right now (which is great), so it’s a constant game of catch up when it comes to documentation.

But this Community is a great resource, so do make use of it.

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Hi Darren,
Thanks for the reply.
Developing at a rapid pace is great when your not a paying test subject.

Like the APP I am developing it will be tested and tested, over and over before implementing a launch.

I know first hand that when a user gets frustrated during their first experience they rarely return.

I’m enjoying the Glide structure so much that I am determined to push on.

Can I know what’s your app privacy settings look like?