Some features not showing up

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to build an ecommerce app but there are a few elements that are not showing up (not even an option, they simply are no where to be found) and I can’t figure out why. The elements not showing up are:

  1. Image Overlays
  2. Image slider not working (I’m using a column that stores an array of images as I saw in the community)
  3. Inline lists

Does anyone know why this could be?

Thank you!

Is it possible that you’re used to seeing these things in the Classic App product and the new version of Glide either has different names or doesn’t (yet) have these components or features?

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Charlie’s comment looks correct, assuming you are building on the new Glide Apps. There are a number of Classic App components that haven’t been transferred over, and we don’t have an ETA.

Inline lists though, have an equivalent called Collections in the new Glide Apps.

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That’s totally the reason. What does this new app offer that’s better than the classic version?

One product for mobile and web, rather than two. Plus, integrations.

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And a centralized actions management screen :wink:

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