So first they introduced huge row limit, and now they introduce number of edit limit ?!?

I like it that it’s very personal (Bert / Ernie app), but if you position Glide as the Build Your Own Business Apps tool you can ask more money … that’s a fact.

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Glide is “one size fits all”, and not just for hobby. Actually, business is what will make Glide shines more. I was able to build all my business MVP apps (x15 and counting) using glide (e.g. Accounting, HR, Productivity Tools, Governance, etc.).

Glide is extremely flexible and affordable - and I do support management’s with their offering. My only comment is may be better “road map communication” would be appreciated as heads up for the community.

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it’s a matter of positioning and transparancy imho. as long as you know what to expect it’s all fine

Most people have more than 500 contacts in their address book.

You are right. I stopped risking my app on glide, and will wait for alternatives.

There are smart people out there, they will offer alternatives, that profit in a acceptable way to free users.

But are they all your “users”? If you have 300-400+ users I imagine your app should be doing well enough to consider at least the Starter plan.