Single Tab market 'visible' in Builder is not visible on nav bar

If I have just one tab marked as ‘visible’ in the Builder, it is not shown on the bottom nav bar.
If I mark a second tab as visible (such as Chat), then both tabs are visible.
I wanted to use just a single tab on the nav bar as s shortcut to get back to the main screen because of highly nested screen navigation.
I could not find it documented although I did look.
I am aware that I can put it in the menu but that’s not my desired UX.
Am I correct in assuming this is an intentional restriction?

Yes, it is working as intended. You could try putting a button on the screen with a Go To Tab action. Or maybe a button with a custom action that strings together several Go Back actions.

If you create a Pages project, then there is also the option to place a breadcrumb component on the screen.


Many thanks for the confirmation

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