Simple points algorithm app for a fitness competition

I’m attempting to create an app for an event. It’s a fitness competition of up to 50 people at the event.

Image attached: There are 10 stations. At each station, we count the number of reps completed and points are awarded on a multiplier specific to each station.

2 people go head to head at one time. So I want to easily enter in the reps for 2 people as the judge/facilitator follows the 2 people from station to station

Some of the things I’m struggling with as I attempt to prototype an app are:

  • Do I need more than 1 table for the data?
  • How do we add names and edit the points in the app?

The spreadsheet(s) is/are easy to create but I’m confused about how I make an easy layout that we can interact with to total up the points quickly during the event.

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Seeing you’re Head-to-head, I assume each person can attend different rounds of the competition as long as they win their H2H matchup?

Good question. A person is only doing this event once for a day. They could compete again but it’s a separate event.