Aplication help

I would like to make a small app for our golf group who play here in Thailand in winter. Played 3 times a week on about 10-15 different golf course. Depending on the day, there are 10-30 of us.

A table with player names, golf handicap, phone number and picture is required.

You need a table with those 10-15 golf course, the name is enough.

A competition is played in which the winner of the entire round is awarded, as well as the winners of the frontnine and backnine. Depending on the number of players, the runner-up can still be rewarded.

The application could be used, for example, for mobile applications. in such a way that. Let’s make a new competition, choose the date, time and field to play. After this, it should be easy to add players from the roster to the competition, eg. by marking the competitors from the list of names, in which case the names and handicap would be transferred to the race event. Once the competition is over, you should be able to mark the players in the competition, the winner of the entire competition, the winner of frontnine and backnine , the winner and possibly the runner-up. There will be twice winners if there are more than 16 competitors, resulting in 2 divisions according to handicaps.

From the winner of the race, the program should know how to subtract 2 from the handicap, from the other winners 1. Other player will be added 1 to the handicap.

Could there be a solution to this? I’m not familiar with this glide, so I’m a novice.

Sounds like a very doable app. You have it well defined already. Have fun building. :slight_smile:

This would be your User Profiles table.

This will be another table, you might just need the name and the rowID.

This will be a Competitions table to store those info, plus the golf course’s ID so you can create a relation later.

You can use a multiple choice component to do this.

This can be multiple columns in the same Competitions table.

I’m not sure I follow this since I’m not familiar to golf. Can you go into further details?

I’ve done tables, players, competition, fields. How to create a new competition (date) on mobile, where you select the field and players from the list (multiple choice). After the round, you must be able to mark the winners (full competition, benefit, back, second prize)

The handicap of the players is adjusted after the game so that 2 is deducted from the handicap of the winner and 1 is deducted from the handicap of the benefit, back and runner-up. A 1 is added to the handicap of the other competitors.

Note 1. This is not according to the general golf handicap rules, but in our races we use it.

Note 2. The golf course has 18 holes, 9+9 (Front and Back)

Thanks in advance already