Signed-up Date vs Revision Date

When I first let users in I decided to lead them to fill in their profiles first. That’s when I wanted to know their Signed-up Date so I can keep track of their member lifetime. I know I can do it easily by just adding Special Value:Current Date and Time to do so.

Later some users might change something on their profiles, or if I have to ask them to fill in something more in the profile. I know I can lead them to the Profile Edit screen. But this is when I want to keep a Revision Date instead of rewriting it on the Signed-up Date. I also wanted to keep the Revision Date alive every time they change their profiles, because I can define that they’re active users.

I think back and forth for a few days already yet I cannot find the right concept to do this. Kindly suggest. Thanks!

Beware of adding a profile using a form in a user profiles setup, you can have duplicated rows for the email.

You can add a “Revision date” column, which was not filled at first, but will be filled using the “current time” component inside the edit screen each time they finish the edit.

Been there, done that, so glad I got it right in the end.

But how can u do that when you’re using the same old edit screen on both first registration and for later editing? The template can’t be varied in this case for those auto-filled for special value.

Please don’t tell me that the users supposed to submit the current time in themselves.

You’re using the edit screen as both “first-time registration” and editing?

How about an initial required sign-up page that would only appear for first-time users, then when they finish that they can access the rest of the app and when they edit their profile using the pencil button, you can take the timestamp?

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Then, how can you do that without opening a new form—without creating a new line of recurring email as cautioned on your second paragraph in the replies before this one?

Kindly read the discussions before this one which also and already discussed about this…

Now everyone’s helping me by talking round and round about whether opening a new form or just use the existing edit screen…

All I need to know is how to keep collecting a Signed-up Date and a Revision Date separately. Thanks

The initial sign up screen is set to be only visible when a column, let’s say, the “ProfileDone” does not equal 1. Then you have a button at the bottom of that screen that sets to increase the ProfileDone column by 1 when users have filled out all the required details. All other tabs are set to show only when ProfileDone equals 1, including the “User profile” tab.

Then in the User profile tab, filter email is signed in user, add an edit option and let a current timestamp value write to your revision column. Every time a user completes an edit that column will be updated.

If you go the initial sign-up way, you can not collect the sign up timestamp, I know. But you can try collecting it via the App: Login sheet, would it make sense?

That could be. Yeah, makes good sense by making this work from the sheet for the time being i guess.

I thought maybe i overlooked something but seemed like it’s common so yes i should try the workaround. Thanks!

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