Signature Max Reached - Ideas?

I have reached the signature max total in my app and can’t afford the PRO rates. Any other ideas to add an accountability level for students at a worksite? The app lets them input their daily hours and then asks for a supervisor signature once a week.

When it comes to e-signatures, in my area, the legality of the signature method just requires that it be connected to an individual and can’t be modified/updated by another user. We use typed signatures that are connected to the user’s account as read-only values on forms (so the user can’t change their name/signature and someone can’t make it appear like their form was signed by someone other than the signed in user).

I’d question the reason why an actual signature is needed and see if another verification method is possible if you can’t afford the Pro rate.

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Okay, like a verification button to slide over and then the date time-stamped or selected. Maybe a list of verified supervisors could then be selected.

Ideally, the person who would be “signing” is completing a field that only they can see and change. Use row owners or some other verified, secure method of controlling visibility for the most reliable method.

I’d recommend running this by a legal expert/lawyer in your area to ensure it complies with local laws and requirements for e-signatures. I am not a lawyer.

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