Signature component

the signature component is “rounding” the stroke. Is there any way to disable this feature?

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Can you say why you want to disable it? Do you not want the added elegance? :smiley:


The customer says he doesn’t recognize his signature.

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I was planning to give feedback about this as well. It completely changes the signature and it’s very large. Would like to be able to resize it by dragging the corners. :smiley:


Alright! We will take another look at the algorithm… It should not change your signature to someone else’s.


I enjoy the added elegance for sure. I think the component is pretty slick…I would prefer that the resulting image could be resized … maybe just an image component in general to be resized. I did find that the signature looks pretty awesome as the right column in table though.

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Elegance is nice, but I believe that the single biggest use case is to record the user’s signature, not make it more elegant haha! In my case, I’d like to have employees sign that they have received and read company policies - it’s actually a legal requirement for the client company. Please fix the component so that the signature is recorded as scribed. :blush: Totally agree about ability to resize. We also have the company publishing some content in the app and I tried to add the signature of the person writing the article at the end but it looks ridiculously oversized so I opted not to use it for the moment.

The smoothing is intended to produce the signature as intended—is if it were signed with a pen. There is a lot of variability in digitizer sensitivity, phone processing speed, screen cleanliness, browser touch event processing, and other factors. I was just being cute about ‘elegance’—we’re only trying to produce the signature that you expect to make. We’ll review the tolerance of the smoothing.

Also, you’ll note that the stroke width is not the same as the size of your finger. You probably don’t want the signature ‘as scribed’ because it would look like finger paint!


Haha, okay - yes, just so it looks closer to the user’s signature. Thank you! :crazy_face: