Showing multiple products for a user (relations, lookups)


I’m having trouble getting my products to show in collections even though they are visible (at least as multiple lookups via a relation) in the user data table.

I’ve got user A (user table, one row)

I’ve got products 1 and 2 (product table, two rows)

I’ve brought products A and B into my user table (one row, via relation and lookup).

I’m trying to show a collection - perhaps a kanban or a list - that shows the two different products. The system does not give me an option to choose this column. Is it perhaps because there are multiple products being brought into a single cell, while collections are meant to show different rows? Do I need to use an array of some sort?

Note that I’m using Glide pages and not app, if that makes a difference from a functionality standpoint… I was maybe thinking about trying inline lists but that’s not available to me.

How are you creating the relation, ie. what is being matched in each table?

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