"Show notifications" action is too high, and no way to adjust position

If we try to use the “Show notifications” action. It displays notification too high on the screen. On iPhone 14 max, half of the notification is not visible. It’s a very useful action. Are you aware of the issue? Or it’s not an issue, and we are doing something wrong.

![Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 9.36.32 AM|281x499]

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I can reproduce this on iOS. Can you submit a support ticket?

Why do I need to create a support ticket? Is it just me who has this issue? @ThinhDinh, you mentioned you can reproduce this, so it’s not just me, right?

If you create a support ticket then the engineering team can have a look at it and potentially fix it for everyone :+1:

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It’s the official way to get the engineering team to look at the problem, and see if they can deploy a fix.