Show Multiple Profiles under One Email Address


I have a few email addresses in my data that have multiple profiles, or rows.

I can see them all listed when in list style. Is there a way to have them all show up in details view with a little arrow on the bottom to see the next? Or some iteration that will allow users to see all their profiles in details view.


You can use a relation, matching the user email to itself and return multiple matches, then use an inline list to display that relation.

But why should an email have multiple rows?

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Ahh! A relations column in the sheet?

It happens when one person with the same email submits multiple businesses.

No, a relation column in the Editor.

Just make sure that settings won’t mess up with your user profiles setup, if you have one (as in it should be stored in a “Businesses” sheet).

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@Mark I noticed a typo on the url. It refers to “references” but leads to the more correct “relations”.

Be sure to set up a 301 redirect when you change it to /introduction-to-relations

Worked perfectly! Thank you

btw what did you mean by setting won’t mess up user profiles setup?

At the start I was concerned you may have multiple rows with the same email in a sheet that you use for your user profiles, which might prove to be problematic because each email should only show once there but it seems not the case.

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