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Hey :wave:

I’m building a surf gallery location directory →

I’ve managed to build in feature to Favorite a location using a User specific column

However I want to notify the users whenever an item is posted to that specific gallery Location that they are following (i.e Favorited)

How would I get a list of users that have ticked Favorited? As this data is User specific … :face_with_monocle:

You can’t. Well, not easily. But, I don’t think you need that…

There is a way you could do this without having to directly access your Users user specific data.

I assume you have a separate table with “Location Posts” that is linked to your Locations table via a LocationID (or similar), yes?

Assuming that’s true, you should be able to use a lookup to retrieve the signed-in users Following status from your Locations table.

Then what you can do is add a user specific boolean column to your Posts table. Each time a user views a Post, set that column to true.

Now, to determine if any post for any of a users followed locations is new, you just need an if-then-else column:

  • If followed is not checked, then null (leave empty)
  • If viewed is checked, then null
  • Else true

Any posts where that if-then-else column is checked can now be considered as “new” (for the signed-in user).
You could present a list of “New/Unread” posts in an inline list using that column as a filter. Every user would see a different list, depending on which Locations they are following.

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Thanks @Darren_Murphy

For some reason I can’t add another User specific column (it’s greyed out)? Is there maybe a reason you can’t have more than 1 User specific in table?

Quick clarification, following != view, they need to actually Favourite a location to Follow it.
I’m just not sure I need to know if they are unread or new.

Let me clarify further:

Surfer Journey:

  • The Surfers :heart: Favourite location(s) they like or generally surf at
  • Once a photographer has posted an image, the Surfer receives an email to say that their :heart: Favourite location has a new image posted to it.


  • Posts in Gallery that has a Location Linked to it

No, you can have as many as you like. But once a column has been created, you can’t change it to User Specific (or vice-versa). You just need to create a new column and make sure you check the box before you save.

Okay, so what I described wont get you this. Probably your best option here is to use Trebuchet to maintain a list of Location Followers. Have a watch of Bob’s video to learn how that works:

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Back in the days of film, before digital, I used to be a freelance photographer for Surfing magazine & others.

If you’re building, what I think you’re building, you may be on to something.
And if you’re not building, what I think your building, I may have an idea or two for you.

Feel free to DM me if you wish - briefly describe your app / value proposition

Good luck with your build!

BTW - @Darren_Murphy is great to work with!


Excuse me… I missed your link, first read — I just checked out your app. Good call.

Yep, you got it. Good problem. Good call. I would have used it. Keep it up.


  • Not super keen on the “Diaries” part of the name.
    It has a lot of syllables & sounds like it’s an 80’s surf video title. And you may get better search results with a different name. … just a thought / opinion.

Surfers won’t have a means of writing down the name as they exit the water, and go back to the car. Short & highly memorable would help.

Can’t tell you how many times I wrote a surfers contact info in the sand, then took a photo of it. hahaha!

  • Marketing - make clothing / hats AKA signage …for photographers to wear while shooting. So, anyone at the beach knows where (your app / site) to find the photos, without asking / distracting

  • Allow photographers to sell (you likely have it planned) -

  • Add an additional payed tier for companies / sponsors / surfers that want sponsored

  • Learn to surf schools might love it, too - not sexy, but it could be a different section, and may help pay the bills

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Just looping back, the Trebuchet was def a winner!

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