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Similar to blog posts on the internet, is there a way to have a link shared from within the app also pull the first image or ‘featured’ image so that it displays instead if the app logo?


As far as I aware this is not available.

Hmm ok wonder if there is work around. When I share an event listing within the app, it would be nice if the image for that event shows up instead of the main app logo.

I’m working on something like this right now, I am using importxml and my search box to define the article title or name of person for search. in this instance when someone clicks a article name or person name the click registers as a column edit which in turn changes the importxml information and pulls the correct data, it pulls 1st page and image. I am doing this for facebook, wikipedia and twitter, I’m wanting to go even further but I will keep you updated.

Are you referring to the login page, or the landing (home) page?
If the latter, then that’s certainly possible.
You could just have a “Featured” flag (boolean) in your event listing, and then filter the content on your home screen based on that flag.

Hi Darren. I am referring to a page say for a business or event in my app. When I share the link to those, the main logo is displayed, but I would like for the first image on the page to display.

This is when you share links?

As soon as I have it built it will be added to the templates at no cost and I will do a video:)

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sounds good!

I created a feature request is anyone feels the same and wants their deep links to have a more appealing look :slight_smile: