Show edit screen of duplicated row item

Hi! I’m curious if this is possible:

  1. User “duplicates” a row item (stock trade in my case) with a button.
  2. The edit screen for this new row item is displayed.

I can duplicate a row just fine, but I can’t get the app to show the edit screen for this duplicated row. It only shows the original row (from which the duplicate was made).

Any suggestions would be welcome, thanks!

Theoretically you can have something like this:

  • Set a unique value to a column in the current row, let’s say “Duplicate ID 1”.

  • Write that value to a column in the duplicated row, let’s say “Duplicate ID 2”.

  • Create a relation for the current table, from “Duplicate ID 1” to “Duplicate ID 2”.

  • Show the edit screen using that relation.

I fear that the row might not be created in time for the relation to form, though. Anyway, worth a try.

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Thank you. I’ll give this a try.

Hey! It looked like it worked just fine :+1: Thanks again!

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