Can I hide a row?

Hello guys, I need help.
I’m trying add a button that when pressed it will open a duplicated row of that same row, but the last will be hidden. The Data will be there, but won’t be shown.

Is it possible?

I think you could do it like this… add a new column in your data “isHidden”

On your button put an add row action. When you add the new row include ‘true’ in the isHidden column.

Add a filter to your collection where isHidden is not true.

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Hey, thanks for the tip.

I’m trying to do that, but the button is not appearing when i add the action for some reason

Do you have any conditions or visibility settings on the button?

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Yup, just got it! My bad hahaha Thank you, mate.

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Excuse me, but how do I add an action to show the edit page of the new duplicated item, instead of the old (current one).

Is it possible?

There’s probably a few ways to do that. May we know your use case? There might be a better way altogether.

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I think a better way is to show a form within the “original” item’s screen, write that to the same table, set default values of the current screen to the entry components, and let the user edit them as needed.


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