Show component when "Relation" is "Multiple"?

Currently the “Visibility” feature of a component enables to play with “Relations” items depending on wether they are “empty” or “not empty”. Would it be possible to add “multiple” to this list of possibilities?

Use case : I need to link people to addresses. I do it with a form, which sends [the address I am working on and a person selected in a choice component] directly to a new Google Sheet tab. I then show this association with a List Relation within the Address tab. If I get 2 or more people on 1 address, I can add new people to this address thanks to the “+” button on top rigth of the List Relation, so I don’t need the form anymore and I can hide it. However if I have linked only 1 person on this address, the List Relation will directly show the detailed view of this person with no possibility to add people with the “+” button…
In the end, I need the form to be able to add at least 2 people, but I can get rid of it after that (and I would like to because it takes great place in my screen :slight_smile:)

I don’t know if it sounds clear (I think I need a rest :zzz: :sweat_smile:) but thanks for any help !

I would maybe use a COUNTIF formula to a new column in the address sheet to count the number of rows found in the Address/Name sheet where the address matches. The you should be able to set the visibility on the form button if the count is greater than or equal to 2.

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